5613 Burbank Road S.E., Calgary Alberta Canada
Blackfoot RC

BlackfootRC Apparel

Short Sleeved T Shirts


The essential Short sleeve T shirt to work on the PERFECT farmer's tan! High quality fabric and stitching. BlackfootRC logo on front and BlackfootRC on the back with Alberta and Canadian flags.

Long Sleeved T Shirts


So you don't want a farmer's tan? Need to cover up the pipes? Get yourself into this high quality long sleeve t shirt and represent! BlackfootRC logo on the front and BlackfootRC on the back with Alberta and Canada flags (back of shirt shown for reference).

Pull-Over Hoodie


There's some cool months ahead! Keep warm on the trails or the driver's stand with this pull-over hoodie. This is not a cheap thin hoodie, this is high quality and sure to last. BlackfootRC logo on the front and BlackfootRC on the back with Alberta and Canada flags.

BlackfootRC Apparel

Short Sleeve T Shirt


Git yer farmer's tan on! This high quality t shirt is sure to last, not a wear it once and toss it in the bin kinda t shirt! Representing Alberta and Canada, the back of the T shirt proudly displays the Canada and Alberta flags. BlackfootRC logo on the chest. Ten colours to choose from.

Long Sleeve T Shirt


Okay, so you don't "do sun". We get it... for those that need to be Golem here's the solution. Long sleeve t shirts, high quality fabric and stitching. BlackfootRC logo on the front and BlackfootRC on the back... again representing Alberta and Canada with the flags! Three colours to choose from.

The Real Hoodie


Hoodies should be pullovers. The original, the real deal. In fact, if you look in The REal McCoy's wardrobe you'll find a BlackfootRC hoodie! Keep the chill of around the campfire at night or working long hours in the pits after a hard days racing. 


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About Blackfoot RC

Our History


Blackfoot RC is a not for profit Radio Control car club based in Calgary Alberta, Canada. Blackfoot RC (BFRC) has been steadily growing since 2002 when a patch of dirt, overgrown with weeds turned into a vision. That vision has been a long and arduous process but we at BFRC have created a Scale / Crawler Park that is very detail oriented, a very fast and challenging 5th scale race track complete with MyLaps timing system as well as a 1/10th scale off-road track that is very challenging yet easy enough for a newcomer to the hobby.

What We Do


Public RC park with a variety of courses and tracks to suit off-road  RC enthusiasts and newcomers. From drop-in bashing to all out organized racing and scale competitions Blackfoot RC has you covered!

The Community - Please Donate :-)


BlackfootRC is a not for profit organization entirely built, run and maintained by volunteers. BlackfootRC has a Board of Directors who are hands-on with both fiscal responsibility as well as getting on the shovels. The Board is a group of passionate RC people dedicated to provide a safe and fun environment for the community.

At BFRC we are proud to support 1/10th, 1/8th, 1/5th scale off-road competition and Super Scale events. We are also open to the public for drop-in sessions... "run what ya brung" bashing.

Our facility is open to the public, gate entry fees are $10.00 per person for RC enthusiasts and $5.00 for spectators.

Help Our Cause - Please Donate :-)

Your support and contributions will enable us to meet our goals and help to provide sustainable / improved conditions. Your generous donation will fund our mission which is to become a world-class RC park for the public. A place for kids that isn't in front of a TV, smart phone or computer... an environment that is safe, fun and can build great memories for the entire family. 

Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

RC Videos by RC Trailblazr

About RC Trailblazr

 Welcome friends!!  Here you will find HD mini films & trailers of our custom remote control vehicles. We specialize in off-road trailing adventures in all weather conditions in beautiful southern Alberta Canada. From high quality and family friendly footage you will be pumped to see a new style of RC film production. From two wraiths we now also own a Trail Finder 2, Gelande 2, Vaterra Ascender, SCX10-2, HPI Savage XL 5.9 Nitro truck, Sky king Helicopter, 2004 18r Mitsubishi EVO rally car, Pisten bully 600 Snowcat, Thunder Tiger Atlantic yacht, Galileo Quad copter, and a Wilga 2000 Airplane.   Please show your appreciation by subscribing to our page! Thank you :)  Powered By: Patreon https://www.patreon.com/RCTrailblazr  Channel Sponsor: RCMART.com  © copyright 2015-02-24 06:47:22 - All Rights Reserved  

What's new with RC Trailblazr

In 2019 our fans can expect to see some great 5th scale racing footage! New camera equipment will allow us to catch all of the adrenaline that these massive 2-stroke powered RC's provide! Stay tuned for the 2019 videos!

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Season Passes / Drop-in Rates

Season Passes may be purchased by using PayPal to blackfootrc@gmail.com (please provide name when submitting payment) or at the Main Entrance gate. The Main Gate accepts Visa, MC or Debit as well as good 'ol cash! :)

Register to Race! Sign up @ RCSignup

BlackfootRC uses RCSignup for all of our Super Scale and 5th Scale racing & competitions. Follow the link below to signup for FREE! Easy to use with PayPal to prepay for the events but you can still rock it old school and pay at the track!

Accommodation Within Walking Distance!

Ask for the BlackfootRC Rate from the Event Calendar Below!


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1:5 Racing in Western Canada


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We love our customers, so feel free to visit during normal business hours.

Blackfoot RC

5613 Burbank Road S.E., Calgary Alberta Canada


Tuesday - Friday: 4 p.m. - dusk

Saturday: 10 a.m. - 6 p.m.

Sunday: 10 a.m. - 6 p.m.